There are several volunteer opportunities.  Contact us to get on a list to help.  We will send out emails when we need volunteers.  We are perfecting this solution and would like help in that process itself!

Some opportunities:

  1. Web site content updates – we use WordPress for a CMS.  If you know that, you can help!
  2. EKTA Vision
    1. Use your creativity and help us create beautiful flyers and landing pages in HTML.
    2. Help create the flyer and send it out
  3. Festival in March – There are lots of opportunities to help before and during the day of the festival.
  4. On the Board of Directors – the BOD elections are in March and you can help several events.
  5. Religious
    1. Navaratri at the temple – contact Rajeev Dave
    2. Diwali at the temple
    3. Thanksgiving program to feed the needy
    4. You can also talk to the shrine leaders to help with other celebrations
  6. Charity walk for local charities (November)

There are several more.  5-10 hours a year would be appreciated.  Contact Rajeev Dave (on BOD) if you want to help.